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Irena Jules, better known as Keren
Cabiche Babonneau
August, 28 2017

Our beloved Irena Jules, better known as Keren of Cabiche Babonneau, passed away at the Victoria Hospital on Monday, August 28, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. She was 45 years old.


Left to mourn:


Her Husband:

Ken Bailey of Cabiche Babonneau, employed with Guardsman Security


Her 5 children


3 Sons:

Jonathan Jules better known as Shabba of Cabiche Babonneau, employed with Sandals Grande

Christian Jules of Cabiche Babonneau, employed with Royalton Hotel

Kyle Bailey of Cabiche Babonneau


2 Daughters:

Vicky Jules of Cabiche Babonneau

Summer Jules of Cabiche Babonneau, student of the Babonneau Primary School


1 Granddaughter:

Joseline Stanley


1 God Daughter:

Kerzel Remy of Guesneau


Her Mother:

Marie T. Jules of Cabiche Babonneau


7 Sisters:

Maryann Greaves

Veronica Greaves and

Albertha Greaves all of St. Vincent

Estina Greaves and

Alma Jules of the USA

Agnes Jules of Martinique


6 Brothers:

Hilary Felix

Antonius Felix and

Jeremiah Jules better known as Mega all of Cabiche Babonneau

Elvis Greaves of St. Vincent

Junior Greaves and family of Anguilla

Nilcan Jules of the USA


3 Uncles:

Oxley Quammie and family of St. Vincent

Helon Quammie and family of St. Vincent

Elaton Quammie and family of Canada


2 Aunts:

Vellenia Quammie and family of St. Vincent

Helene Felix and family of Guesneau



Eaniesha Dienna Stanley


9 Nephews:

Burt Jules and family

Akim Jules and family

Jesse Jules and family

Trey Jules and family and

Dylan Jules all of Cabiche Babonneau

Tony Jules of the USA

Chad Felix

Jodie and Joshan Jules both of Martinique



12 Nieces:

Sabina Jules and family

Debbie Jules and family

Niah Jules and family and

Tonia Jules an dfamily all of Cabiche

Katia Ramanick

Ketty Jules

Vivianne Ramanick and

Sophie Ramanick all of Martinique

Joyanne Melville

Jenny Melville

Tony Jules and

Crystal Jules all of the USA


Also left to mourn:

Dorothy and family

Monique and family

Shanae and family

Chammer and family and

Chain and family all of Jamacia

Sister Don and family






Karen and family all of the USA

Stania of St. Vincent

Ms. Gene and family of Balata

Mrs. Emily and family of Babonneau


Best friend:

Antoinia Sylvester and family of Bocage


Close friends:

Dezilla Joseph of Cabiche


Martina and

Lucy and family of Babonneau

Mr and Mrs Charles of Balata

Donavan Lubrin and family of Cabiche

Lisa Jn Baptiste and of La Croix

Sabina Maynard of Cabiche


Also left to mourn:

Alternative Security Staff

Felix and Jules family of Balata, Guesneau and Morne Du Don

Secure World Security

Management and Staff Sandals Grande Guardsman Security



The funeral service of our beloved Irena Jules, better known as Keren, will be held at the Bethany S.D.A Church Cocao Babonneau on Sunday 10th September 2017 at 2:00 p.m. Then the body will be cremated at Rambally’s Crematorium La Tourney Vieux Fort.


The family would like to inform all well wishers that they should wear a touch of pink to the funeral also you are asked not to bring no flowers to the funeral.


Her body now lies at Rambally’s Funeral Parlour, Calvary Road, Castries.


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