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Joachim Mitchelle, also known as Ti-Allan
Belford Soufriere
January, 13 2022

It is with profound sadness and heavy hearts that the Mitchell family announce the death of Joachim Allan Mitchell, son of the late Joseph Arundel Mitchell and Marie Angela Mitchell, and brother of the late Martinus Mitchell Saltibus.

Joachim was a beloved son, grandson, nephew, brother, uncle, cousin, father and grandfather of Belfond, Soufriere. Joachim also known as “T-Allan” passed away on Thursday, January 13, 2022, in Soufriere at approximately 8:00am.

He was 71 years old.


Left to mourn are;


His Wife:

Joan Bisette residing in Toronto, Canada


Two Daughters:

Eustolia Anthia Neblett of Houston, Texas and

Neolita Grant in Odsan


Two Sons:

Ryan Louisy of Belfond and

Samuel Joseph of Fond St. Jacques, Soufriere


One Adopted Son:

Shane Louisy


Two Step-sons:

Ian Bisette of Monchy and

Chad Bisette of Morne Dudon


Six Grandchildren:

Schwarzer Mondesir and

Klulvert Mondesir in Houston, Texas

Sylvania Louisy and Raylan Louisy in Belfond, Soufriere

Joel Baptista-Perez and Marley Bisette of Morne Dudon



Lennox Mitchell of London, England

Pascal Lawrence Mitchell,

Michael Mitchell and

Theodore Francis Mitchell, all in Baytown, Texas.



Eugenia Gills of Sunbuilt, Castries

Antonia Mitchell Son-son of Tapion, Castries

Marcella Preville,

Fredericka Camillus Mitchell

Martina Tilia Mitchell

Domina Jones and Julie Watters all of Baytown Texas

Phyllis Holder in Canada



Mathew Sabbath Saltibus and his wife Marcella Saltibus residing at Wingsville, Soufriere, and family in Vieux Fort and in the US



Mary Yola Stevens and family residing in Trinidad, England and the US

Lucia “Ricksee” Combie and family residing in St. Croix and in the US

Ariscia Louis and family residing in Baytown and Houston

Joan ‘June’ Medard and family residing in Baytown and Houston



Ainsley Neblett residing in Houston



Lisa Alcindore of Belfond



Gabrielle Mitchell and Edith Mitchell residing in Texas

Agnes Mitchell residing in London

Josephine Mannuzie in the USA



George Preville and Camillus Jones in Baytown, Texas

Valence Son-Son of Tapion

Terrence Holder in Canada

Jn. Baptiste Bisette better known as Rupert, and

Rudolph Bisette of Morne Dudon

Federick Bisette of Hospital Road

Anthony Bisette of Ciceron and

David Bisette in Canada



Earl Mitchell

Tobias Mitchell

Roger Mitchell

Val Joseph

Mitchum Aimable

Jeandel Jones

Nicolai Mitchell

Rendel Mitchell

Hallam Mitchell

Al Mitchell

Gia Mitchell and

Johannes Mitchell, all residing in Texas

Garvin Leriche, and Stender Mitchell of Toronto, Canada

Julian Cenac of Carfayear, Choiseul

Romeous Nestor of Saltibus

Bryan Nestor

Sebastian Nestor

John Jean

Kervin Jean

Kurley Rachel

Frank Saltibus and

Dale Joseph all of Soufriere

Hyacinth Gills residing in Arizona

Owen Gills and Welby Gills of Sunbuilt

Nigel Mitchell

Kyle Christopher Watters residing in Minneapolis Minnesota



Verna Felix

Sarah Mapps

Termich Cherry

Janel Jones

Medel Mitchell

Mella Mitchell

Mia Mitchell

Me-em-e Mitchell

Encilia Mitchell Jones

Jamala and Victoria Mitchell all residing in Texas

Tanise ‘Melissa’ Hinkson of Castries

Cassel Mabien in Kentucky

Thadia Alexander in Canada

Michella Mitchell and Kermichelle Mitchell in London

Glory Gills and Frances Kara Cenac-Nelson in New York


Several, grandnephews and grandnieces, great-grand nephews and nieces


Several cousins among who are:

Anthony“Tony” Michel

Martin Elliott, and

Lydia and Nancy Elliott and families in Castries

Llewellyn Phillip, also known as Chico in Castries

The Michel family in Belfond, Chateau Belair, and Choiseul

The Saltibus family from Ravine Claire, Vieux Fort, New York, Texas, and Canada

The James, Calixte, and Modeste families in Ravine Claire, Soufriere, Castries, New York and Canada

The St. Aimiee and Cenac families in Soufriere

The Blasse family of San Souci, and New York

The Charles and Augustin family of Belfond

The Didier family of Belfond and Chateau Belair

The Haynes family of Castries, England and Anguilla

The Alfred family of Soufriere


Close Friends:

Theresa Charles of Corinth, Castries

Adela Henry who was his caregiver in Belfond


All the Families with roots on “The Bombay” Soufriere


Aaput, Bousquette, and other friends in Belfond, Fond St. Jacques, Soufriere, Choiseul, Laborie and beyond


The funeral service of Joachim Allan Mitchel will be held on Thursday, January 27, 2022, at the church of Our Lady of The Assumption Soufriere at 2:00 pm. The body will be laid to rest at the Soufriere Cemetery.


The body now lies at Rambally’s Funeral Parlour, La Tourney, Vieux-fort.


May His Soul Rest In Peace


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