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Lindsy "Kizzy" Francois
September, 07 2021

It is with deep grief but with fondest memories we announce the passing of our son, partner, brother and friend, Lindsy 'Keezy' Francois. He made his transition on September 7th, 2021. He was formally employed at Ladera Resort & Spa.


In Mourning are his loved ones:


His Soulmate & Fiancee:

Trudy Augustin



Theresa 'Pam' Paul of Cacao, Babonneau

Bartholomew 'Ellie' Louisy of Fond Assau


Parents In Love:

Jules and Leonette Augustin of Belle Plaine, Soufriere



Philomen Louisy of Babonneau


God Parents:

Sonya 'Sister' Louisy of Fond Assau

Elvis Joseph of the USA



Wendy Paul-Dujon of Emerald Development, Corinth

Sophia Joseph of Cacao, Babonneau

Eliter 'Skitter' Pierre of Desrameaux, Monchy

Lisa Alexander

Sunjay' Dane' Ferguson

Karen Phillip all residing in Martinique

Cara Flavian of Babonneau

Samanatha Moise of Guirard

Simantha Edwin residing in England

Andy residing in Saint Marteen

Kendell 'Marzouk' Louisy of Chassin, Fond Assau and their families


Grand Aunt:

Marie 'Ma Tar' Samuel of Cacao, Babonneau


Aunts & Uncles:

Sabbath ' Genefred' Paul and Christine Paul of Cacao, Babonneau

Marie Prescott of Barbados

Gertrude Louisy

Petrona Louisy of Fond Assau

Rawlins 'Nornorye' of Ti Morne

Wayne Thomas of Vanard

Marlene Thomas

Nerv Thomas

Lyra Reid

Tessa Reid all of the USA

Clara Thomas and Michael Doussa of Bexon

Russel Thomas residing in Africa

Weber Thomas residing in Canada


Nieces and Nephews:

Nickisha Dujon, Nickayla Dujon, Brent Dujon who are also his godchildren and Tarique Dujon all of Emerald Development, Corinth

Jimez Alexander residing in Martinique



Thaddeus 'Cocy' Paul

Marius 'Pap' Paul

Sadia Paul

Elvin Paul

Ambrosia 'Noonoon' St. Claire

Berthia St. Claire

Terry St. Claire

David 'Sino' St. Claire

Marcy Jardine

Sabrina Jardine

Owen Jardine

Akim Jardine

Leroy Louis

Karine Louis

Davis 'Day' Louis

Yolande 'Katie' Joseph

Andy Joseph

Marsha Joseph

Garvey Joseph

Eddie Alexander

Sedra Williams and their families all of Cacao, Babonneau

Fabian Jules of Balata

Waynia Thomas and family of Bexon

Joyce Alexander

Leon Louisy

Nadia Louisy

Thecla Alexander and their families all of Fond Assau

Vanessa Antoine of Soufriere

Benjamin Paul and family of Morne Dor, Jacmel

Florita 'Suzanne' E'mal

Nadia St. Clair and their families of Martinique

Florita St. Claire-Lacoste

Livia Lacoste and their families all in the U.S.A

Veronica 'Vayvay' Jardine residing in the U.S.A

Joan Alexander

Mariam Paul

Editha Louisy

Helena Louisy and their families all in the U.S.A

Shanna Joseph and family residing in Canada

Juliana Saiwak and family of Forestierre



Ian Augustin residing in Micoud

Selsa Augustin of Belle Plaine, Soufriere

Asha Augustin and Darnal Augustin residing in Castries

Paulea Michel of Fond St. Jacques, Soufriere and their families

Darius 'Nick' Dujon of Emerald Development

Alloysious Leon residing in Ciceron

The Augustin and Theodore families of Soufriere, Choiseul and Castries

The Dujon family Guirard, Babonneau


God Children:

Eloise Maxwell of Vieux-Fort

Tj Paul of Cacao, Babonneau

Quinton of Babonneau


Close Friends:

Brenda Simon band family of Laborie

Jahnelle Lamontagne of New Development, Soufriere

Randall 'Kinky' Samuel of Green Gold, Babonneau

The Gidharry family of Belle Plaine, Soufriere

Rennison 'Poggy' Rachel residing in Canada

Dexter Joseph of Choiseul

Mishak Charles residing in England

Herbert Joseph of Dennery

Philbert 'Planche'

Shawn Cepal

Lyndell Delice



Emmanuel Alexander

Sylvin and Marius all of Cacao, Babonneau

Terrance' Dr.White' of Chassin

Dahlia Joseph of Bois Den, Soufriere


Others in Mourning:

The Paul family both here and abroad

The Charles family both here and abroad

The Courier, Alexander and Samuel families all of Cacao, Babonneau

The Louis family of Girard

Class of 98' of Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School

Present and Past staff of Ladera Resort

Present and past staff of BodyHoliday especially the Spa

Present and past staff of Harris Paints

Patients and Nurses of the renal unit of the St. Jude's and OKEU Hospitals

Members of the Cacao Football Club

The boys on the Cacao, Block

Bus Drivers of Soufriere-Vieux-Fort and Cacao Castries Routes

The Communities of Belle Plaine, Soufriere and Cacao, Babonneau

Members of the Renal Patients Association


Friends and family here and abroad and all whose lives which he touched. Love and Light to you all.


The celebration of life for our son, partner, brother and friend, Lindsy 'Keezy' Francois will be held at the Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church in Babonneau. His body will be interred at the Ti Rocher, Cemetery in Castries.


The body currently lies at the Rambally Funeral Parlour, Calvary Road, Castries.


You'll live in our hearts forever!


Please Note:

The funeral service will be live streamed on WE LIVE 758 on YouTube!


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