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Marie Madeleine Hippolyte affectionately known as Armone or Ramona
Ciceron, Castries
October, 30 2021

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Marie Madeleine Hippolyte affectionately known as Armone or Ramona of Ciceron, Castries. She passed away on October 30th, 2021 at the age of 72 Years.


Left To Mourn;


Her Children:

Justin Augustin Hippolyte of Ciceron, better known as Arpit

Deborah Hippolyte of Ciceron, Empolyed with St. Lucia National Lottery

Luanne Hippolyte of Ciceron

Callum Denzil Hippolyte of Ciceron


Adopted Son:

St. Ange Gerard Sonnie



Phillipa Wilfred Meran of Pavee, resides in Martinique



Denis Wilfred of Ciceron better known as Kikoy

Linus Hippolyte of Ciceron better known as Jack or Norega


Brother- in- Law:

Rosemond Meran residing in Martinique


Sisters- in- Law:

Steffany Sonnie

Yvonne Beaton of Ciceron


Grand Kids:

Kershama Papin and family

Jeaniqua Hippolyte

Kez Ewan Mitch Hippolyte of Ciceron

Alec Eris Hippolyte in the US

Jamal Hippolyte

Jovella Hippolyte student of the Entrepot Secondary School


Daughters- in- Law:

Curline Williams of Ciceron a Special Thank You and Blessings from her Children

Jennifer Mathurin residing in Martinique



Zena Jules and family a Special Thank You

Susanna Hippolyte Anatole owner of Suzie's Grocery Shop a Special Thank

Genevieve Joseph and family of Corinth

Marina Hippolyte of Ciceron employed with The Ministry

Esther Hippolyte and family

Maguitta Hippolyte and family, teacher at the Ciceron Combined School

Patricia Hippolyte and family of Ciceron

Theresa Raggie and family of Pavee

Casilda Raggie and family of Pavee

Allison Chantal Hippolyte and family of Ravine Poisson

Ruth Hippolyte teacher at the Entrepot Secondary School

Sarah Hippolyte residing in Canada

Sylvia Raggie and family of Pavee

Albertina Raggie and family of Pavee

Virgin St. Brice residing in the U.S

Priscillia Hippolyte residing in Florida

Prisca Hippolyte residing in Florida

Adela Hippolyte and family residing in the U.S.

Felicia St.Brice residing in Ciceron

Akyra Hippolyte residing in the U.S.



Guy John Hippolyte residing in St.Maarten

Andrew George Hippolyte residing in Canada also known as Man Bob

Nicolas St. Brice and family residing in Ciceron

Alvin Hippolyte residing in Ciceron

Bruster Hippolyte

Dennis Hippolyte

Hazel St. Brice residing in St.Maarten

Vincent St. Brice also known as Tiapo

Eldon Hippolyte residing in Florida

Kenson Hippolyte and family

Kim Frank and family of Ciceron

Kimbert Frank of Ciceron

David St. Brice also known as Brooks and family of Ciceron

Kaylaze and family of Ciceron

Samuel Hippolyte also known as Lobo

Daniel Hippolyte

Benny Hippolyte and family


God Children:

Raymond residing in the Golf, Ciceron

Lucas Emmanuel residing in Canada

Sheldon also known as Jah Snow


Best Friends:

Steffany Sonnie of Ciceron

Mrs. Minora of Ciceron

Mrs. Marguerite Duncan of Ciceron

Mrs. Helen Esnard of Ciceron


Close Friends:

Miller Clifford also known as Sunny Days

Olivia Ephraime and family in Ciceron

Mrs. Theresa Edwin and family

Mrs. Roseline and family

Mrs. Ruby at Capital Management Gap in Ciceron

Mr. Chandler also known as Mr. Ma-Too of Ciceron

Mrs. Yvette John also known as Petto of Ciceron

Mitchel Joseph at Bordelais Correctional Facility

Mrs. Jeromina Henry also known as Mrs. Clew of Ciceron

Steve Darling of Ciceron

Talie Renee of Capital Management in Ciceron

Keisha John of Ciceron, who was also like a daughter to her

Natasha Rene and family residing in Vanard

Lana Beaton and family residing in Ciceron

Shem Ephraime and family

Prudent Cox also known as Carr and family

Enda Norley of Ciceron

Lisa Wallace of Ciceron

Nadia Calderon of Ciceron

Phillipcia Gilbert also known as Julietta of Ciceron and family


Special Thanks:

Pastor Henry of the Deliverance Baptiste Church

Evelyn and Julian of Hardest Hard, Thanks for being a daughter to our mom.

Mr. Birch also known as Big Daddy and family

Mrs. Mirrielle and family of Ciceron

Mrs. Allison Harrow of Ciceron

Damian Edwin of Ciceron

The nurses of the Ciceron Health Centre

Nurse Aquilla

Beverly and Ed of Sam's Chicken Van

Dr. Chicot of ICU at the Victoria Hospital

Wayne Harewood in the U.S

Janice Brown Hippolyte and family

Celia Joseph and family


Favourite Person:

Derek Mason-Thanks for making my mother's last days memorable, you made her very happy just by watching you wheelie your bike


Also Left To Mourn:

The Wilfred family in Vieux-Fort

The Hippolyte family of Ciceron

The Raggy family of Pavee

Gena William and family in Ciceron

The Gilbert family of Ciceron

Members of the Deliverance Baptiste Church

Bertrum also known as Gaudy

Vernon Paul


The funeral service for our beloved Marie Madeleine Hippolyte affectionately known as Armone or Ramona will be held at the Deliverance Baptiste Church in Ciceron. She will be laid to rest at the Choc Cemetery.


Her body now lies at Rambally's Funeral Parlour, Calvary Road, Castries.


May She Rest In Peace!


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