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Lucienne Vira Norbert also known as Ti-Sase or affectionately called by many as Mama
La Pointe, Mon Repos
September, 28 2021

It is with immense sadness that we announce the death of our Beloved Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Cousin and Friend, Lucienne Vira Norbert also known as Ti-Sase or affectionately called by many as Mama of La Pointe, Mon Repos. She passed away on Tuesday September 28, 2021 at approximately 11 pm at the St. Jude Hospital. She was 82 years old.


She was predeceased by her husband:

Anthony Frankie Norbert


Her parents and three siblings


Left to mourn her 12 beloved children;


7 Sons:

Laurencin Papus Charlery of Micoud

Deacon Vincent Norbert

Michael Norbert

Mathew Norbert

Nyles Norbert

Meritus Norbert, all of La Pointe, Mon Repos

Linus Norbert residing in New York


5 Daughters:

Brendaline Norbert Vigee

Nora Norbert St. Paul, both of La Pointe, Mon Repos

Christina Charlery Norbert

Mira Norbert, both of Arundell Hill, Castries

Cecilia Norbert Brand residing in New York


35 Grandchildren including:

Eisha Norbert and family

Aaron Norbert and family

Shahin Norbert

Sammy Norbert and family

Ksha Norbert Nelson and family

John-Luke Norbert

Miriam Norbert

Benjamin Vigee

Elijah Brent Vigee

Sefra Nisa Norbert

Teffany Norbert

Jamil St. Paul

Janieve St. Paul

Mia Elisee

Felius William and Family

Nyisha Norbert

Keevia Norbert

Melicient Nyo Joseph and Family

Rershard Nijay Norbert

Ryan O’Brian

Ally and Allyana Norbert, all of La Pointe Mon Repos

Susan Eva Francis residing in Bermuda

Stecie Charlery John residing in California

Kashama Chrissy Waldron residing in Canada

Moses Henry residing in Martinique

Larry Jervais from Micoud

Lawrenzo Charlery

Lawreen Charlery, both residing in St. Croix

Harmonie Norbert

Landon Norbert, both residing in Florida

Amari Norbert residing in Augier

Linus Jr. Norbert residing in New York

Merlan Norbert of Malgretoute, Micoud


22 Great Grandchildren including:

Javier and Elanna Norbert

Kayson George

Merkhai and Dhij Vigee

Ashard Nelson

Ellanie Wilson

Nolan John

Hassani, Tray and Ace Waldron

Amari and Isaia Norbert

Neria Frederick


9 Brothers:

Joseph Alban Charlery

Joseph Titi-Boy Charlery

Gerald Charlery also known as Jakes

Jason John Charlery

Romance Lubin also known as Fredy

Flieton Lubin also known as Chance, all residing in La Pointe, Mon Repos

George Joseph also known as Keyarthur residing in St. Croix

Bellemar Joseph also known as Cold Bear of Lumbard, Mon Repos

Tony Lubin residing in Puerto Rico


6 Sisters:

Magdalene Mathurin also known as Tartar

Veronica Vasson

Judee Charlery

Francillia Charlery also known as Ti-Poke, all of La Pointe, Mon Repos

Christiananese Stephen also known as Tifi residing in Florida

Angel Charlery of Patience, Mon Repos


Sons & Daughters-in law:

Joseph St. Paul of Malgretoute, Micoud

Alex Brand residing in New York

Juliette Norbert

Lucy Norbert

Rasha Norbert

Moriah Norbert, all of La Pointe, Mon Repos


Brothers & Sisters In-law including:

Bertha Charlery

Albertha Charlery

Florie Charlery

Joseph Heineken Vasson, all of La Pointe

Veronica Charlery of England

Marie Pelius of Black Bay, Vieux Fort


Many nieces including:

Maryana Descartes Vasson and family

Ferina Descartes and family

Martha Descartes-James

Kimberly Descartes-Smith

Feria Mathurin

Anthea Mathurin

Elizabeth Charlery who was also her God daughter

Althea Mathurin

Angela Fontenelle

Verna Fontenelle

Newla Descartes

Merle Charlery

Tricia Charlery

Tracy Charlery

Cecil Modeste

Leandra Charlery, all of La Pointe, Mon Repos

Ivor Mathurin Jn Baptiste of Black Bay, Vieux Fort

Calista Peter

Sherine Williams, both residing in New York


Many nephews including:

Guy Descartes

Simon Taloo Descartes

Julian Mathurin

Gregory Ti-Plek Descartes

Gabriel Descartes also known as Gayboo

Jeremiah Charlery

Trevor Charlery and family

Krishna Acee Charlery, all of La Pointe, Mon Repos

Gabriel Descartes also known as Fisha in Bois Patat

Wallace Descartes residing in the U.S.


Close Relative:

Lyra Geniese Descartes who was like a sister to her

Elie Charlery-Monero

Leah Charlery

Angela Charlery

Beverley Fontenelle

Crucita Descartes-Pelius

Septima Joseph and Family

Mary Sydney

Sylvia Charlery

Stella O ‘Shaughnessy

Joan Descartes

Margaret George, all of La Pointe, Mon Repos

Emma Serieux of Patience Mon Repos

Julian Charlery and

John Charlery both of Castries

Mary Rosemond of Arundell Hill, Castries

Daphine Roberts of Bois Patat


Family Friends:

Hayden William of La Pointe

Marylene Descartes-Sidoine residing in Martinique

Benjamin Popo of Odsan

Dawn Wilson of Patience

Vern George of Patience

Majorie Serieux of Patience

Mr. Fred of Mon Repos

Lisa Remy of Balata

Catherine Augustin of Mon Repos

Cordelia Descartes

Natalia Charlery

Father Sammy

Mathew Gabriel

Doctor Cyrus Daniel

Sylvia Robinson and family


Close Friends/Special Friends:

Olga Antoine of Aupicon, Vieux Fort

John Hayman Charlery and family

Lucy Algodel

Catherine Charlery and family

Tricia James

Paul Pelius also known as Barrel, all of La Pointe, Mon Repos

Elody Ann Norbert residing in the U.K.

Ms. Felicia from Malgretoute


Her Neighbours:

Lucy Descartes

Sandra Cox


Also left to mourn:

The Norbert Family

Charlery Family

Descartes Family

William Family

Joseph Family

St. Paul Family

Pelius Family

Serieux Family

Lubin Family

Fontenelle Family


The entire community of La Pointe, Mon Repos.


The funeral service of the late Lucienne Vira Norbert better known as Ti-Sase or Mama of La Pointe, Mon Repos will be held at the St Anne’s Roman Catholic Church, Mon Repos. The body will be laid to rest at the Mon Repos Cemetery.


The body now lies at Rambally’s Funeral Parlour La Tourney, Vieux Fort.


May her soul rest in perfect peace.


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