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Melisa Jasmine Joseph, also known as Liz
Cabiche Babonneau
September, 08 2020

Melisa Jasmine Joseph, also known as Liz of Cabiche Babonneau, passed away at the OKEU Hospital on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 10:30 a.m. She was 45 years old.


Left to mourn;


Her Father:

David Joseph, better known as Ti-boy, from Cabiche Babonneau


Her Mother:

Nathalia Baptist, better known as Nataly from Babonneau



Etheline Baptist, better known as Mamoo from Babonneau

Joseph Alexander, better known as Liness from Micoud


Step Father:

Peterson Papius of Babonneau



Jason Joseph, Jose Joseph, and Jade Joseph



Jaquan Joseph



Samanthia Charms Joseph residing in the US

Sharmer Joseph, Nurse at OKEU Hospital



Charlian Joseph residing in Martinique

Shervon Joseph of Babonneau



Kiara Biroo residing in the US

Shania Joseph

Shanita Coinad (pronounced Connard) of Martinique

Geneveve Beharry of Cabiche Babonneau



Sherwan Coinad (pronounced Connard) of Martinique



Catherine Hunte better known as Yeye or Carsein of Cabiche and family

Jean Charles and family of Balata

Valerie George of Cabiche and family

Julie Joseph of Cabiche, residing in the UK and family

Madeline Gustave residing in the US and family

Julita Baptiste residing in Martinique and family

Angela Baptiste of Babonneau and family

Celina Baptiste residing in Martinique and family



Leo Baptiste of Babonneau and family

William Baptiste, better known as Tibo residing in St. Maarten and family

Collins Joseph of Cabiche and family

Marcel Darius of Cabiche and family

Petrus Lucius Joseph better known as Isore of Cabiche and family

Desmond residing in the UK and family


Grand Uncles:

Marcel of Babonneau

Renee, residing in Trinidad

Wellington Baptiste of Babonneau

Mitchel Charles better known as Gerbs

Grand Aunts:

Algine Philips

Theresa Daisy of Cedars Castries


Close Grand Cousins:

Germain Anthony, Marilyn Florius, Stephen Alexander, George Loctor, Tracy Polius


Best Friend:

Carol of Babonneau


Close Friends:

Marilyn of Fond Assau

Marinus of Ti-Chemin


Also left to mourn:

The Loctor family of Babonneau

Aladien family of Bexon

Antoine family of La Croix Babonneau

Baptiste family of Babonneau and Paix Bouche

Fanis family of Cacao Babonneau

Popo family of Babonneau

Biscette family of Babonneau

Preville family of Cabiche

St. Marthe family of Babonneau

Joseph family of Cabiche and Babonneau

Other relatives and friends


The funeral service for the late Melisa Jasmine Joseph, also known as Liz, will be held at the Babonneau Pentecostal Church on Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 2:00 p.m., and then the body will be laid to rest at the Babonneau Cemetery.


Her boy now lies at Rambally’s Funeral Parlour, Calvary Road, Castries.


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