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Mary Brune of Plateau
May, 23 2019

We are saddened to announce the death of our beloved Mary Brune of Plateau, Babonneau who passed away at Victoria Hospital on Thursday May 23rd, 2019. She was 86 years old.


Left to mourn

Her daughter, Helene Breen a.k.a. Baby Jean of Plateau

Her brother, Joseph Breen & family of Chassin


9 grand children

Nathalie Breen - Vitalis

Medalise Breen

Vincent Breen

Vaughn Breen

Samara Breen

Aver Charles

Sharon Elva

Ectus Florent

Chantal James


16 great grand children

Sharissa Breen

Mataellia Breen

Lilliann Vitalis

Leshawn William

Solange Breen

Makeba Breen

Ryhim Paul

Kayla Florent

Shakim Florent

Janée Florent

Tiffany Florent

Shaquan Joseph

Greyson Charles

Caleb St. Rose

Kayline St. Rose

Cullin St. Rose


1 great grand child

Kenage Breen



Marie Breen


4 nieces

Anne Charles and family of Plateau

Linda Anthony and family of Chassin

Priscilla Marous and family of Martinique

Angella Laurent and family of Garrand & New York

Victoria Bernard a.k.a. Feria and family of Babonneau


4 nephews

George Breen and family of Plateau

Maximin Laurent and family of Chassin

Reginald Laurent and family of New York

John Estephane and family of Trinidad


Her best friends

Iris St. Ville and family of Plateau

Miss Emelda and family of Garrand

Miss Seneez and family of La Guerre

Miss Gilbertha and family of Des Barras


Other relatives and friends

The Breen family of Plateau, Paix Bouche, La Guerre, Garrand & Chassin

The Julien family of Paix Bouche & La Guerre

The Pierre family of Paix Bouche

The Louis family of Monier

The Louis family of Cacoa & Garrand

The Lorde family of Grande Riviere & Union

The Isidore family of Grande Riviere & Union

The Felix family of Balata

The Justin family of Garrand

Rudolph Louisy and family of Sans Souci

Rose Clement and family of Paix Bouche

The Albert family of Plateau

The Phillip family of Paix Bouche

The Joseph family of Paix Bouche

The Alcindor family of Aux Leon, Dennery


The funeral for Mary Brune will take place on Friday June 7th, 2019 at the Good Shepherd Church. Babonneau at 3:00 p.m. The body will be interred at the Garrand Cemetery.


The body now lies at Rambally's Funeral Parlour, Calvary Road, Castries.


The family would like to mourn in private after the funeral


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